Banda recomendada: Retro Dizzy

Desde Sudáfrica te presentamos esta nueva banda de rock surfer, con influencias que van de beats nocturnos a un punk psicodélico. 11026016_415584705275806_5524348470340773377_n A comienzos de 2014 se formaba en Hermanaus, una pequeña ciudad de Sudáfrica, la banda que en Surf & Rock sumamos a esta clásica sección, Retro Dizzy. Tras instalarse de manera permanente en Ciudad del Cabo, este conjunto comenzó a trabajar en su primer disco de estudio, “Youth is like a Loaded Gun”, publicado seis meses después de la formación. 10869714_859263384117125_7532094182604047402_o Con un sonido que puede vincularse al surf rock, pero que puede ir desde los clásicos beats nocturnos al rock oscuro de Arctic Monkeys, como así también pasar por un punk de tonos psicodélicos, Retro Dizzy está conformada por Nicolaas Rossouw (Batería), Stuart Dods (Bajo, Coros) y Richard Liefeldt (voz, guitarra). Video de “James Dean” de Retro Dizzy: Cómo es habitual en Surf & Rock, te dejamos su descripción biográfica en inglés, su idioma original: Retro Dizzy consists of Nicolaas Rossouw (Drums), Stuart Dods (Bass, Backing Vocals) and Richard Liefeldt (Vocals, Guitar). Their sound can be described as desert surf rock with influences ranging from Night Beats to the Arctic Monkeys and everything inbetween. Even with this range of inspiration, they manage to bring a unique style and undying passion to create music that they want to make. The band formed early in 2014 in the small town of Hermanus and have now relocated to Cape Town. This has enabled them to grow as musicians, experimenting with different sounds and playing shows at a variety of venues. They have been welcomed at venues ranging from The Assembly in Cape Town, Perigators Pub in Kleinmond and Aandklas in stellenbosch. They have always received a warm response from audiences wherever they go – even if the venue did not normally cater to their style of music. The band have also been a part of the growing Psych Night scene in Cape Town which is sponsored by Vans shoes. With their growth as a band, their shows have progressed into more of an art-punk explosion with elements of psychedelia. They have been lucky enough to share the stage with a diverse array of local acts such as The Very Wicked, John Wizards, The Gumbo Ya-Ya’s, Grassy Spark and Nomadic Orchestra as well as Californian band, Allah-Las. Six months after forming the band, they recorded their debut album, ‘Youth is like a Loaded Gun’, which was released to much acclaim in the underground scene, with the songs ‘James Dean’ and ‘Blasphemy’ being the high points of the record. They have progressed quickly from the ‘classic ‘ rock genre into a more surf-rock psychedelic sound, which can be heard on their upcoming record, ‘Creatures of the Black Desert’, which will be released before the middle of 2015 on both CD and vinyl. 970680_781151335253222_1245794902554549584_n Para más información de Retro Dizzy visitá su Fan Page.

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Banda recomendada: Surfing The Orbit

Bandas Lunes 16/03/2020

En Surf & Rock te presentamos nuevas bandas surgidas de cualquier rincón del mundo y, esta vez, llega desde Örebro, Suecia. Cómo ya se han dado cuenta, nos encanta presentarles nuevas bandas, y no importa de que lugar del mundo sean oriundas. Esta vez, en Surf & Rock, la recomendación llega desde Örebro, Suecia. Allí, en 2018, se formó Surfing The Orbit, conformada por Robin Lundahl, Wictor Helgesson y Henrik Westberg, decididos a ofrecer música hecha para ser escuchada en vivo y para ser tocada frente a una gran multitud debido al gran arreglo del coro en las canciones. Cómo es habitual, te dejamos su presentación en inglés, tal cual ellos se describen: If you’ve ever been to a Surfing The Orbit concert you know that you won’t walk away without singing the tunes to one of theirs songs. With their catchy melodies, atmospheric soundscape and well-arranged vocals and harmonies, Surfing The Orbit is here to spread good vibes like a true surfer. It all started in Örebro, Sweden, where Surfing The Orbit was created 2018 and released their first single Up In The Air. They have so far released four singles with one of the singles picked by Spotify Editors and was added to the Spotify playlist ”New Punk Tracks” with 120k followers. 2020 they are going to release two singles, two EPs and one album. The genres of the music are arean/pop/punk/space with a touch of surfrock in its own flavour. This music is made to be heard live and to be played in front of a big crowd due to the big choir arrangement in the songs. With its own and unique sound Surfing The Orbit is ready to give the audience the best rock show of their entire life. Escuchá “California Sun” de Surfing The Orbit: Para más información de Surfing The Orbit visitá su Fan Page Oficial.

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