Emergente: Loka

Desde Tokio, capital de Japón, llega esta nueva banda de Hard Rock Alternativo que nada tiene que ver con el sonido"Japanese". LOKA 1 En junio del año pasado se presentaba por primera vez en vivo en tierras niponas Loka, una banda de hard rock alternativo formada en Tokio, que sin dudarlo aclara que su sonido está muy lejos de asemejarse al sonido "Japanese". Cómo acostumbramos en Surf & Rock, te dejaremos la descripción y bio de esta banda que nos ha sorprendido con su sonido en inglés. Sólo te completaremos que está conformada por Kihiro en voz y guitarra, Ken’I’Chi en el bajo y Katsumi en la batería. LOKA 2 Loka is an Alternative Hard Rock band based out of Tokyo/Japan. But they're music do not sound "Japanese", if you listen to they're music you'll find the music back bone to be more American Hard Rock. Also combined with raging synthesizer and digital drum beats, they're music do not stop only at live houses but spread to the club music scene. Loka first makes they're appearance on June 9th 2012. At that time, only the singer Kihiro and drummer KEN'ICHI were the official members, and bass, guitar players were formed by support members. On August 8th, LOKA releases they're first EP "01"-zero one- and kicks off a nation tour from September. While on the road they also release they're first Album on November 7th, "EnFLAME" and continues they're nation touring to the end of the year (approx. 40 shows), both immediately selling 1000 copies and still growing. In 2013 April, they welcome Katsumi as an official bass player for LOKA. LOKA is set to kick off another nation summer tour including and international tour to play a summer festival in Taiwan, “Formoz Festival” Though it's only been a year since the band has formed, they're musicianship, profession, and performance is considered top class in the country. Reading the members past profile will make you understand that they've been around the worlds music industry for a while. Originally the singer for the band Supe. In 2003 the band relocated to Long Beach, California to perfect their international sound and expand the reach of their energetic live shows. With the 2006 self-release of their successful six-song EP Grow in the Cold, produced by Sylvia Massy-Shivy (Tool, System of a Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers), Supe launched their first US tour with 50+ dates from coast to coast. Mirá el video de “Naked To My Soul” de Loka: Para más información de Loka, visitá su Sitio Oficial, su perfil en Facebook o su bio en Reverbnation.

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