Emergente: Bottomline

En Surf & Rock continuamos presentándote nuevas bandas. En esta ocasión llega desde Eslovenia, joven país europeo que de a poco suma referentes musicales. bottomline_3 En el año 1991, Yugoslavia se dividía y, uno de los países que lograba su independencia era Eslovenia. Cómo todo joven país, su cultura se veía atravesada por su vieja historia y la nueva que comenzaba. La música era parte de ese contexto y, de a poco, se fueron generando nuevas bandas con una apertura de ideas más global. A principios de 2012, dos décadas después de ese momento crucial para el país de Europa Central se formaba Bottomline, la banda que hoy te presentamos en esta sección dedicada a las nuevas bandas tanto latinas como anglosajonas. bottomline (1) Con una batería potente, dos guitarristas de estilo independiente y un bajista con la fuerza de otra guitarra, acompañan sus shows en vivo con una puesta visual integral. Bottomline está conformada por Nejc Smodiš y Filip Škoflek en voces, Marko Mitrič en guitarra, Matic Schwaiger en bajo y Kristjan Šeremet en batería. Mirá el videoclip de “Worth-While”: Pero, para no romper con su propia descripción, y como acostumbramos con otras bandas de carácter internacional, te dejamos su biografía en inglés, para evitar alteraciones. Formed in early 2012, Bottomline is an unlikely group of people to be hanging around each other in the first place. With an on the edge hyperactive drummer and his unpredictable outbursts, then an all-round visual artist and vocalist who at first glance looks nothing like the things he does, next is a detached lead-guitarist who appears as if he could go for days without talking, with a spotlight-searching maniac on the second guitar and his sickening sense of humour for all things, and finally a confused but very adaptable bassist who is actually a great guitar player. Short for their love of making music, it is more than obvious that there isn’t much that they have in common. They dress differently, act differenly, lead very different lives and have extremely different taste in music. As far as lyrics go, they are straight to the point, some from personal experience, some are just plain storytelling, but all of them very sentimental and intimate. Coming from a small town where outside their circle people don’t have much tolerance, interest, respect or need for any kind of art, it is only natural that they find solace in creating music. While some of the guys have been in other bands, some for years at a time, still it is fair to say that the five of them are just starting to discover their talents and abilities. In this short time together, they have seen a number of big stages all over their home country and beyond. They have managed to put together more then a dozen original songs and they are always working on a few more. Mirá el video de “Alone”: Para más información de Bottomline visitá su Sitio Oficial o perfil en Facebook.

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Bandas Sábado 06/07/2013

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Banda recomendada: Surfing The Orbit

Bandas Lunes 16/03/2020

En Surf & Rock te presentamos nuevas bandas surgidas de cualquier rincón del mundo y, esta vez, llega desde Örebro, Suecia. Cómo ya se han dado cuenta, nos encanta presentarles nuevas bandas, y no importa de que lugar del mundo sean oriundas. Esta vez, en Surf & Rock, la recomendación llega desde Örebro, Suecia. Allí, en 2018, se formó Surfing The Orbit, conformada por Robin Lundahl, Wictor Helgesson y Henrik Westberg, decididos a ofrecer música hecha para ser escuchada en vivo y para ser tocada frente a una gran multitud debido al gran arreglo del coro en las canciones. Cómo es habitual, te dejamos su presentación en inglés, tal cual ellos se describen: If you’ve ever been to a Surfing The Orbit concert you know that you won’t walk away without singing the tunes to one of theirs songs. With their catchy melodies, atmospheric soundscape and well-arranged vocals and harmonies, Surfing The Orbit is here to spread good vibes like a true surfer. It all started in Örebro, Sweden, where Surfing The Orbit was created 2018 and released their first single Up In The Air. They have so far released four singles with one of the singles picked by Spotify Editors and was added to the Spotify playlist ”New Punk Tracks” with 120k followers. 2020 they are going to release two singles, two EPs and one album. The genres of the music are arean/pop/punk/space with a touch of surfrock in its own flavour. This music is made to be heard live and to be played in front of a big crowd due to the big choir arrangement in the songs. With its own and unique sound Surfing The Orbit is ready to give the audience the best rock show of their entire life. Escuchá “California Sun” de Surfing The Orbit: Para más información de Surfing The Orbit visitá su Fan Page Oficial.

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