Banda recomendada: House of Secrets

En Surf & Rock continuamos presentándote nuevas bandas. Esta vez, llega desde Dinamarca. 229035_10151104522154035_414279446_n Con un estilo grunge con claras influencias del rock clásico, llega desde la ciudad de Ebeltoft, en Dinamarca, esta nueva banda que hoy te presentamos en Surf & Rock. Se trata de “House of Secrets”, que está conformada por Rasmus Kamerlarczyk en voz, Lasse Peersen en bajo, Brian Hansen en guitarra y Morten Hougaard en batería. En sus comienzos, la banda comenzó realizando covers. De a poco fueron dándose impulso para crear sus propias canciones. Luego de cambios en el cantante, fue Rasmus quien encajó a la perfección para quedarse con ese rol. 10256822_10152428748124035_5407651735586890380_n Como siempre, también dejamos su bio en inglés: We started out as a cover band for a couple of years. Slowly we got an urge to do our own songs. We had another singer at the time, that we had to let go due to creativity differences. Lasse(bass) and Morten(drums) took over the lead vocals parts, and we continued as a three-piece band. We booked a trip to the studio while between singers, because we had faith in our songs. While getting ready to record we started the search for a singer. Just before we went to the studio, where some of our heroes had recorded the week before. We finally found Rasmus. Since the 3 of us knew the music well, we went on to record the songs, but without the vocals. We added them later at home, which gave Rasmus the chance to learn the lyrics, and give them his own personal twist. We have played together for a while now, and we are currently writing and recording new songs. The chemistry in the band has never been better, and we feel it shows in the songs we are making. We are expecting to release an e.p soon which the song”no turning back will be a part of. Escuchá “You Oghta Know”: Para más información de House Of Secrets, visitá sun Fan Page.

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Bandas Viernes 15/07/2016

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Banda recomendada: Surfing The Orbit

Bandas Lunes 16/03/2020

En Surf & Rock te presentamos nuevas bandas surgidas de cualquier rincón del mundo y, esta vez, llega desde Örebro, Suecia. Cómo ya se han dado cuenta, nos encanta presentarles nuevas bandas, y no importa de que lugar del mundo sean oriundas. Esta vez, en Surf & Rock, la recomendación llega desde Örebro, Suecia. Allí, en 2018, se formó Surfing The Orbit, conformada por Robin Lundahl, Wictor Helgesson y Henrik Westberg, decididos a ofrecer música hecha para ser escuchada en vivo y para ser tocada frente a una gran multitud debido al gran arreglo del coro en las canciones. Cómo es habitual, te dejamos su presentación en inglés, tal cual ellos se describen: If you’ve ever been to a Surfing The Orbit concert you know that you won’t walk away without singing the tunes to one of theirs songs. With their catchy melodies, atmospheric soundscape and well-arranged vocals and harmonies, Surfing The Orbit is here to spread good vibes like a true surfer. It all started in Örebro, Sweden, where Surfing The Orbit was created 2018 and released their first single Up In The Air. They have so far released four singles with one of the singles picked by Spotify Editors and was added to the Spotify playlist ”New Punk Tracks” with 120k followers. 2020 they are going to release two singles, two EPs and one album. The genres of the music are arean/pop/punk/space with a touch of surfrock in its own flavour. This music is made to be heard live and to be played in front of a big crowd due to the big choir arrangement in the songs. With its own and unique sound Surfing The Orbit is ready to give the audience the best rock show of their entire life. Escuchá “California Sun” de Surfing The Orbit: Para más información de Surfing The Orbit visitá su Fan Page Oficial.

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