surf sábado 3 de marzo de 2018

Video: Frederico Morais presenta “Bloom”, su más reciente edit

El surfer portugués, rider internacional de Billabong, presenta su más reciente edit, hablamos de “Bloom" filmado por Gustavo Imigrante, Gastão Entrudo y Diogo Evaristo Silva:

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  1. Cialischeap

    Love the grey hush jumper I once wore a blue tshirt with Billabong written across it (trying to get with the surf vibe) and it took a while to figure out what was so funny about my tshirt, I”m a 32 F bust size, and apparently billabong and my bust size seemed very entertaining. Needless to say I now mostly avoid slogan tops

  2. Melek

    Gracias Reinaldo, lo hago con gusto